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"Step Daughter Pees Onto Her Bed So She Is Regressed"
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"Step Daughter Pees Onto Her Bed So She Is Regressed"

Includes peeing on a bed, her mommy peeing in a potty, spanking, spreader bar and restrained with manacles multiple times

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Full length movie 67 minutes playing time
Featuring Lillian and her Mommy Sophia

Lillian arrives home from clubbing a little worse for wear. She had sneaked out of the house defying being grounded. Her angry mother is waiting in her bedroom and rips into her.

Straight to bed for you young lady. Lillian protest but Sophia says I am still your mommy and you will do what you're told. Lillian and protests more so Sophia grabs her, pulls up her dress and gives her a good over the knee spanking.

Lillian cries "Mom, you are treating me like a baby"

Sophia says she is going to fix it so Lillian cannot sneak out again. She undresses her, puts a pyjama top on her then manacles her to the bed and fastens a spreader bar to her ankles. Lillian won't be going anywhere.

Eventually Lillian nods off and Sophia comes into the room. She takes a little pity on Lillian and takes off the restraints. She leaves the room locking the door behind her as she goes. Lillian wakes in the morning and is desperate to pee. The door is locked so she cries out to her mommy but there is no answer. She is busting and has no option but to squat in the middle of the bed and pee on it. She makes a big puddle and her feet are in it.

Sophia knew this was going to happen and she had planned things all along. She comes back into room with a pack of diapers she had bought, powder, wipes and a change mat. She tells Lillian if she cannot hold her wee and behaves like a baby she must be treated like the baby she used to be

Sophia diapers her protesting daughter and then to Lillian's horror dresses her in baby clothes. Sophia then takes her hand and leads her into a fully equipped adult sized nursery

Lillian is astounded. "Where did this come from" Once in the nursery her mommy insists on breast feeding Lillian. Lillian protests but Sophia insists she suck on her nipples and fill her tummy with her breast milk. Lillian complains she is a grown-up woman and should not need to wear a diaper. Her mommy says well you have peed on the bed so I don't believe you are ready yet. But I am going to show you how to pee in a potty. Her mommy lifts up her dress squats over a potty and does a big pee while Lillian watches from her playpen.

Sophia explains Lillian is going to be her adult baby girl forever now and live in the nursery. She spoon feeds her but has to restrain Lillian in the high chair because she tries to get out. She also has to restrain her in her playpen. In the cot for a nap Lillian tries to get out so she is restrained yet again. When she has woken up of course she has wet her diaper and needs to be changed again. Finally at the end of the day mommy Sophia puts her in cosy footed pyjamas and back in the cot for the night, of course restraining her with manacles to stop her escaping. Lillian eventually nods off fitfully.

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